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Biography lightweight sleeping bags Also, having an animal that enormous which perilous it really is incredible that it might have died out all these many many years back since it most absolutely must are actually the real winner on the imagining, "survival on the fittest If you are considering fossils you could possibly by now have awareness of megalodon tooth and understand that these are typically not collectibles that you just can use about your neck, but are actually a prized come across for almost any treasure hunter Researchers have yet to come up by using a logical theory about how such a significant and fierce creature could become extinct, and some wonder if perhaps they may well still even exist but in deeper parts on the ocean that usually are not accessible to man That's about as long as an average man's hand span, and this is just a single shark's tooth! A company in Florida called Megalodon Expeditions has set up expeditions for the treasure hunters and for about $75