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Registered: Jul 11, 2010
Total Posts: 5,576
Total Questions: 82 (57 unresolved)
Location Wonga Beach Queensland Australia
Occupation Retired Engineer, Legal Advocate

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Re: A publisher with class
It is because of Amazon that people like me living in remote area's of the world are happily publish...
Re: Best way to increase exposure
Most obvious is a web page FOR the book, or for a series of books, but be aware that as of 21 April ...
Re: Any developments on PDF to Kindle?
Sadly my answer is still in Amazon CyberSpace
Re: Any developments on PDF to Kindle?
Just to say I did TRY to answer and thank you, and report on my use of this converter
Re: Any developments on PDF to Kindle?
One limitation it states is you loose the Look Inside feature. That does not seem to be true as I h...


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