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Registered: Dec 9, 2013
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Re: Getting reviews on Amazon
Actually most writers are too busy writing their own books to read and review very much. This forum...
Re: Un-publishing a paperback - is it truly gone?
Statement 1 is correct.
Re: HTML ruined formatting
Ask the Community » Formatting, Apr 21, 2017
We'd need more detail on how it was "ruined." You could just try uploading a Word document without ...
Re: Past month royalties is not updated?
Ask the Community » Reports, Apr 21, 2017
The prior month report for March came out April 14. Are you sure you're looking in the right place?...
Re: New book paperback version stated to be "Unavailable"
Publisher Support » Feedback, Apr 21, 2017
If you just published, the bots may not have caught up to it yet. There's often a day or two delay ...