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Registered: Aug 2, 2010
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Re: What inspired you to write your latest story?
I'll duck for cover after this... Since I write gay erotica, any hot guy who is in my line of visi...
Holy New Year Sales, batman
Someone must have gotten new smartphones and Kindles etc. I don't remember sales like these in past ...
Re: November payments
Ask the Community » Reports, Dec 6, 2014
Does anyone know where I can buy some of that fabulous 420 they're smoking in accounting at Amazon??
Pricing for the new VAT or... Hunh?... Wtf?
I've just read the email from KDP about new pricing for euro taxes. I have no clue as to what they'...
Re: November sales
My dashboard looks like two very scary roller coasters, one red, one blue. Frankly I ignore it no...


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Three day weekend surge
Maybe I haven't been paying attention but suddenly over the weekend... July 4th... My sales went thr...
What's up with the cover picture uploader today?
Anyone getting a reject screen even though the photo is a jpeg?
Other Erotica Authors...Need your Opinion on sales
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