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Registered: Aug 10, 2010
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Re: Where have they gone?
Awaaaaaay back in the olden days, around 2010, this forum was sooo quiet. Crickets, really. I never ...
Re: Great Advise we CANNOT follow!
I used to argue about this exact issue with Russell. But I was wrong. (gah! I hate that!) So I s...
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 29, 2013
I'm far from a newbie at this...I have successfully uploaded about 8 titles. I'm trying to upload a...
Re: The happy thread
You too Thom!! Traci
Re: The happy thread
@Marti--considering my already slim sales dropped to half of average for the last three months...I'l...


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That's all. It didn't really belong on any other thread. My husband is tired of hearing my whinging,...
Som ebooks are only getting 35%. What's going on?
I thought I'd post this question on this thread as well, just in case someone knows. My two books a...
How was February?
Did you all do well? Did you find something that helped with sales? Did you learn anything new you'...