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Registered: Aug 29, 2010
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Re: Florid style makes me stop reading
KDP = Kindle Direct Publishing. (Note: The last word is not 'Writing', it's 'Publishing'.) Amazon =...
Re: Help, Please. In a Quandary about my Cover
Hi eurocountess, I like cover B. The green border is nice, and it could be useful to pull together ...
Re: $20 for an ad - will I make my money back?
The ad looks good, Marti, and $20 is a bargain for the exposure. A toast... to a lot of new readers!
Re: FIRST Line from One of Your Books
He had to know if her car was still there... SWAN SONG Lioness
Re: What's your best post-freebie review?
Here's one of my favorites: 5.0 out of 5 stars "Hated for the book to end -- more please" July 22,...


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What happened? I went back into my two mystery novels, CASTLE CAY and SWAN SONG, to shorten their ...
Is your kdp site in GERMAN?
Okay, I'm glad to know that people in Germany can download my Kindle novels. I, however, need my Boo...
Who's done audible books? Advice?
Hi All, I'd like to offer audible versions of my three novels. I suspect other forum members would,...
How many Kindle ebooks?
Is there anywhere that tells an author how many Kindle titles are for sale in a given genre? Does an...