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Registered: Sep 2, 2010
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Fake Reviews
I was looking up one of my ebooks at Amazon the other day and noticed a plethora of one-star reviews...
Re: KDP Select Free Days - what does it do for you?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jun 5, 2013
KDP has caused my sales to drop 90%. If you give the milk away for free, no one wants to buy the cow.
Re: Sales decline continues - anyone else?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jun 5, 2013
I feel ya! I once made a good living publishing Kindle books--but times and policies change and a ...
Re: How to get fake reviews removed?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Feb 2, 2013
I feel your pain. It seems like amazon is great at policing fake five-star reviews while ignoring t...
How Are Your Sales Doing?
Ask the Community » Reports, Dec 5, 2012
Mine regretfully have been sliding since March of 2012. I was hoping Dec. 2012 would be strong lik...


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Last month Amazon tried to make a direct deposite into my bank account but couldn't. The problem wa...
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Ask the Community » Reports, Dec 22, 2011
The reports track sales and book borrowings. Is there any way to track page views to my sales pages...