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Registered: Mar 23, 2014
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Re: Too many amateurs self-pubbing?
I doubt most people are really negatively affected by it. Like Ralph said, the slush will drop to th...
Re: Notice of cessation of
Now I feel better seeing this ending and knowing that Spooky will never transfigure into a dog in pi...
Re: Notice of cessation of
So it's option 3. You asked someone for a favor and ultimately they did not do it. That is the en...
Re: Name change + author central question
Thanks for all of your replies. (I know it's been a few months since I posted this question, but my ...
Re: Free Book Promotion
Sorry you and I replied at same time Elodie. I take it previous reply is incorrect and borrowing ra...


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Name change + author central question
Hi, I have a bit of a humdinger here. I have several books under my first initial Surname. This name...