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Registered: Mar 23, 2014
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Re: Strangle Your Cat
Also, if you also have a cat, they'll try to hump the cat. Seen and heard several reports of this....
Re: What is the difference between erotica and pornography?
And XXX which I thought was beer. For the last decade or so I was under the impression that XXX is ...
Re: What is the Criteria For Putting #1 Bestseller on Cover?
What if you make it to the top of a list of 100 free books? Can you make the same claim. Or can any...
Re: Why Do Authors Still Make Their Books for Free?
In 2016. You're a few months out... It's 2017 ;) And free books work for some people, particularly ...
Re: What is the difference between erotica and pornography?
Did you keep the title, cover and author name the same as the original? That may have flagged it up ...


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