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Registered: Mar 23, 2014
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Re: Kindle Scout: Once Again into the Breach
Nominate this book to be published by Kindlescout Please and Thank you always go a long way...
Re: New book paperback version stated to be "Unavailable"
Publisher Support » Feedback, Apr 22, 2017
Not for me! (We're speaking of the paperback, right?) You're (all?) looking in the US right? I jus...
Re: How about a little help, guys? It's the yellow triangle!
Do not post content that demonstrates intolerance for or is insulting to other groups and individua...
Re: Reminder - Amazon's policy on reviews for books NOT sold on Amazon?
That is if they received (or have been given) it for free. When downloading it for free, I don't thi...
Re: Reminder - Amazon's policy on reviews for books NOT sold on Amazon?
Your readers don't have to do anything special, like say where they got the book, or how much they'v...


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I know this has been answered before (I think it was 2 to 3 months ago), but I can't find the thread...
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Hi, I have a bit of a humdinger here. I have several books under my first initial Surname. This name...