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Registered: Oct 30, 2010
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Re: to pieces
Did I say something stupid? I do that sometimes, thanks for not wanting to fight.
Re: to pieces
Have you tried to sell this to a greeting card company? I'd love to get an anniversary card with tha...
Re: Cooperation authors
The expression is "a pig in a poke"; the expression about cats is "let the cat out of the bag". poke...
Sure were lots of people posting at 1:29 am
What's with all these threads from 2015 being brought back by phantom posts today at 1:29 am? I say ...
Re: It seems KDP Select punishes the victim
You aren't being punished. You're expected to act like a publisher, rather than believe that Amazon...


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don't you wish you could just delete old posts?
Kathleen Message was edited by: camellifolia
Product Page: why don't I have "look for similar items by subject"?
I'm new here at KDP having published 1 e-book. Other product pages I've seen have a section called: ...
The red dots are back?
Or is it just me?