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Registered: Oct 30, 2010
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Re: So... that happened...
I had mine disabled. He can't walk without a cane now. I haven't decided if he should stay that way ...
Re: What features do you wish KDP had?
I really like KDP and some of the improvements that have already been made (pre-release!). I saw som...
Re: How to by Marti Talbott (complete list)
I thought maybe they were watching me closely since I went on a reporting binge yesterday. Looks lik...
Re: How to by Marti Talbott (complete list)
Thank you. I noticed they were really blurbs and tried to post that. Those posts may show up someday...
Re: stuck on emailing my converted book to my kindle
I email my draft manuscripts to my kindle all the time. I use a Word document though. I just go into...


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8/04/2012 18(sold) 0(returned) 18(total sold) 35%(Royalty) 3.00(price) N/A N/A N/A 0.00(amount I g...
don't you wish you could just delete old posts?
Kathleen Message was edited by: camellifolia
Product Page: why don't I have "look for similar items by subject"?
I'm new here at KDP having published 1 e-book. Other product pages I've seen have a section called: ...
The red dots are back?
Or is it just me?