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La Venta West
Registered: May 18, 2014
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Re: might as well clean streets?
The zombies in I Am Legend are like track and field stars, they move so fast. The crazy thing is tha...
Re: might as well clean streets?
I really hope dreams don't come true. I have a lot of nightmares involving zombies who can run fast.
Re: Thoughts on Hillary's reviews being deleted??
A book is published (by a "real" publisher) on Monday and by Tuesday there are 50 reviews saying th...
Re: Help me find the TOP 25-30 book promo websites!
To add to this, I just did a Fussy Librarian promo this week, and I don't foresee myself doing one a...
Re: Using book content on Youtube
Debojyoti - Even if you are not in Select, KDP's terms of service require that you not make your boo...


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