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Registered: Dec 20, 2010
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Re: Am I Asking Too Much For My Book
I sell all my books for $2.99 but in January I experimented with 10 titles at $0.99, for those title...
Re: Wikipedia Blackout
Anyone remember when the C90 was going to kill the record industry? :D
Re: Irish authors: where do you cash your USD cheques?
Ask Amazon not to pay you until you reach about $1000?
Re: best short story ever written?
Re: Wikipedia Blackout
Hey, im going to start a new socialmedia site called, im going to report that otheron...


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Tagging, have sales increased with the more tags you get?
Just a general question, I was going to put it in the "tag my book" thread but thought it may not ge...
Sale Reports Updates
Do sale report updates happen when a sale is made on just on a daily basis? Thanks :)
Help needed for a dummy...
Ask the Community » Formatting, Dec 24, 2010
I guess this h2as been asked 100s of times but... I have finished my 1st book, I want to put it on ...