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Registered: Aug 22, 2014
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Re: Why cannot I publish a Kindle book using my Mac?
The snobbery in this thread makes me cringe. Not one of you had to jump through any hurdles to self ...
Re: How do you prevent the Kindle version matching the paperback page count?
I'd increase my font size. I use Vellum to make my paperbacks and I use almost maximum font size. It...
Re: Scrivener-Love it or leave it?
It's fantastic, but I'd hold out -- they're going to be releasing a new version soon with a total fa...
Re: Finally back after many years
You couldn't be more wrong. The adult filter is far more than that. It's the kiss of death for your ...
Re: Finally back after many years
Your book is adult filtered. You'll be lucky to ever sell a copy. If I were you I'd take it down, ch...


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