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Rick A. Mullins
Registered: Sep 8, 2014
Total Posts: 261
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Location Norwalk OH
Occupation Factory drone
Biography I started writing immediately after reading my older brother's copy of "The Hobbit" at the age of twelve. After high school I served four years in the Air Force as a nuclear weapons technician, followed by a year in college at Ohio University then two years of working travel before serving four years in the Navy where I was the assistant fire marshal on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Midway. After the Navy I spent another two years of working travel before returning to my home in Ohio and settling down as a factory drone and writing in my spare time. I self-published (print on demand through Authorhouse) four science fiction novels between 1999 and 2003 before beginning my DreamQuest series, novels based on, and adapted from my actual dreams. With eight novels finished I have started putting them online through Kindle Books and my website My first e-books with Kindle include "Dragonhome" and "Magi" in the Worldhole series of parallel universes. The two standalone novels are "Circle of Magic" and the steampunk adventure "Godstone Mage". Upcoming books include "Floatstone Pirate" and "Crystalline Dreams" in the Worldhole series and the standalone novels "Mustang Riders" and "Troubadour". I intend on retiring from the factory in May of 2015 and pedaling a Rhodes four wheel bicycle the entire length of U.S. Route Twenty from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon the summer of 2015 to promote my books.

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