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Registered: May 7, 2008
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Location USA
Occupation Novelist and Writer

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Re: How much do self published authors make
How long is a string? Ooh, ooh, I know that one. A piece of string is twice the distance from the...
Re: How much is the KU payment this time?
Now they underestimate it by 60%+ so they can come in after the fact and adjust the numbers to whe...
Re: How much is the KU payment this time?
I would be heavily inclined to believe Zon is fishing for the number that will be high enough to k...
Re: How much is the KU payment this time?
I can confirm, $1.4066 per unit, up from $1.3765 last month. Interesting. VERY Interesting. Last ...
Re: Trouble eMailing MOBI to my Kindle Devices
do not email mobi files to your kindle, that's just for pdf files. Huh? It's always worked fine f...


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