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Registered: Jan 25, 2011
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Re: How do you normally formulate ideas for stories?
The ideas just come to me. Most of my books are based on real events or things that happened to me. ...
Re: What's the average rating reviewers give you on your works?
Average is 4 star for 6 books. Most are good reviews. Some are bad - but not many thankfully.
Re: Did we join the party too late?
Apparently Amazon were forced by traditional publishers to change the algorithms. Free downloaded ki...
Re: Problems with publishing a new paperback
Thank you!
Problems with publishing a new paperback
Hello, I am trying to publish my 6th book with Create Space. I started the process on 31st May. It ...


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This morning my novel [i]Eumeralla[/i] was ranked at 388,704. Tonight it's ranked at 88,000 + but I ...
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