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Registered: Jan 25, 2011
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Re: Which person.
Oops. The title says Which Person and that's what I've replied to. But I see that you want to know w...
Re: Which person.
Normally I know it's going to be third person and for 4 of my novels it is. One is written in first ...
Re: Do we have to subjected to insults from a reviewer?
Please post a link so we can see the review.
Re: Protection Racket Reviews
Report the e-mail. Buying reviews is, I think, against Amazon policy.
Re: Which is correct, "look inside" or bookshelf "preview"?
This happened to me. I uploaded a book yesterday. I've contacted Kindle and am waiting for a reply. ...


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Does any one understand how . . .
This morning my novel [i]Eumeralla[/i] was ranked at 388,704. Tonight it's ranked at 88,000 + but I ...
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I've published 2 novels on Kindle. I know the titles are unusual, but do you think they would put p...