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Registered: Sep 26, 2014
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Re: Can anyone offer some tips for dealing with writers block?
I sometimes start on a completely new story, or maybe just a vignette. Then come back to the book ...
Re: replying to a poor review
Most authors here will advise you to not respond to a poor review -- or any review, for that matter.
Re: Unsure what to do with a review.
I would never respond to a review, good or bad. Leave it. If they like certain things, perhaps that ...
Re: Age / Grade Level: is it helping the targeting or limiting the exposure?
I would never set an age limit unless it's erotica, or perhaps extra violent horror or something lik...
Re: Book doing well in UK but not USA?
It's hard to say why a book sells more in the UK, Canada or Oz than the US. Style may have somethin...