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Registered: Feb 15, 2011
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Any Comic book creators see revenue drop considerably?
Hi. I'm wondering if any comic book or graphic novel artists see their revenue drop considerably du...
Re: Kindle Per Page Payout for July: $0.005779
That is assuming all books are written. Many books such as the ones I publish are graphic novels. ...
Re: How many people are considering pulling out of select? Any option plans?
I'm seriously thinking of pulling out. Since I publish graphic novels, the payouts are heavily skew...
Re: I put my picture on backcover thinking millions of women would buy it but
Your funny.
Re: Photos for adult book covers
I'm not sure it is that easy. Check with model releases. I think the model has to approve of its use...


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Hi. Has anyone gotten their remittance emails from Amazon yet?
Opting out of Whispernet
I wish there was a way to opt out of whispernet. My book is so big that it is costing me about a bu...
Color images for the Kindle File (ie. Comic Book)
Given the advent of the Kindle Fire and all of the IPad kindle users, I'm thinking of releasing a ne...
Slipstreaming new content into a 2nd Edition
Hi. I would like to update the book I already posted by adding additional pages, content and updati...
Erotica vs. Pornography Comic books and Graphic Novels
Graphic Novel\Comic book section to share their experiences of what's too close to the line and what...