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Registered: Feb 17, 2011
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Re: Rookie trying to make internal links
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 29, 2015
Can you post a little snippet of the HTML: where you link from, and what you link to? David N. Welt...
Re: Kindle file already uploaded will not re-upload
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 29, 2015
As to why PDF's don't work well: The Word ...
Re: Why does the Previewer open to a Beginning that starts at the third chapter
Hi, I'd have a look at the book in an actual Kindle if at all possible - the online previewer has b...
Re: how to prevent image shrinkage when uploading word doc?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 16, 2015
Hi, I'm not terribly familiar with Word, but perhaps you can try specifying the image size in Word...
Re: How to remove indents when viewing iPad - Formatting for Kindle
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 16, 2015
I'd try testing on an actually iPad if possible - the Kindle previewer can be inaccurate at times. ...


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