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Registered: Feb 17, 2011
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Re: Use ruler for paragraph indentations?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 7, 2015
Hi, The best advice is actually: don't mess with it, the defaults are almost always ok. You can tr...
Re: toc button inoperable in Kindlegen Kindle Previewer
Ask the Community » Formatting, Aug 25, 2015
It may well be ok: your best bet would be to try on a real Kindle, as the previewer is notoriously b...
Re: Formatting Screenplay
Ask the Community » Formatting, Aug 17, 2015
Hi, It sort of depends on what you want to do with it - previously it was 'justified' where it most...
Re: endnotes
Ask the Community » Formatting, Aug 12, 2015
Did you fiddle with the endnote styles at all in Word? Generally, endnotes, for whatever reason, ar...
Re: Image sizes for kid's book
Ask the Community » Formatting, Aug 12, 2015
100) is fine. David N. Welton


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