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Registered: Feb 17, 2011
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Re: Formatting from a screenplay
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 16, 2017
Hi, Here are some suggestions that we got at LiberWriter from a guy who does them professionally: ...
Re: A few quick questions please!
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jan 17, 2017
Hi, Endnotes should come through ok; it's odd that they aren't. Have you checked on an actual Kind...
Re: Using Kindle Textbook Creator, Why are TOC Not Showing After Upload?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 5, 2016
The online previewer? That used to be pretty wonky. The best place to check the book is on an actu...
Re: Splitting hyperlinks in middle of digits
Ask the Community » Formatting, Apr 25, 2016
That does sound weird - I'll echo NJ's questions, because while Kindles are generally happy to break...
Re: TOC issues
Ask the Community » Formatting, Apr 25, 2016
next page, and so on, just within the ToC? That sounds like improper markup or formatting. David ...


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