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Registered: Nov 8, 2014
Total Posts: 170
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Re: KENP Not updating in July
Add me to the list of people whose KENP was zero most of the day. I'm now at 805, which is pretty l...
Re: Ratio KENP reads to sales
Hans, to answer your question: I write fiction, and when I first release a new book both sales and K...
Re: To Kay Yu or Not To Kay Yu - that is the question
That's a good point, Ward. Word of mouth advertising counts for a whole lot!
Re: To Kay Yu or Not To Kay Yu - that is the question
Last year I was told my several other indie authors in my genre that it was a mistake to put a new r...
Re: What's the most KENP you ever got in one day?
My best ever was 60K back in November but right now I'm averaging about 3,000 each day. I have five ...


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