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Registered: Feb 20, 2011
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Re: No reports?
Ironically, while I still cannot reach my reports from my home computer, my mobile device (using Saf...
Re: No reports?
If I hover the mouse over any of the links, I get the same exact URL for each of the 3 links: https...
Re: Ratio of B & N sales to those of Amazon.
So far this month: B&N: 82 Amazon UK: 12 Amazon US: 8 (of which 4 were my parents who got an e-read...
Re: Sales Going Down on Kindle?
My sales here have run 1 to every 3 or 4 sales I made on B&N until the last two months. Last month i...
Re: Books do not show up by title unless " " are used?
(Note: I'm not using KDP Select, but I do sell on Amazon. I know authors whose Amazon sales outstrip...


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Books do not show up by title unless " " are used?
I actually have two issues going on right now: My sales aren't showing up. I know I've had a number...