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Registered: Mar 4, 2011
Total Posts: 7,417
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Location Wooster, Ohio
Occupation professor
Biography Fantasy writer and professor of medieval history.

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Re: Converting Kindle Select Pages to Books sold
Ask the Community » Reports, Feb 6, 2016
I tried to answer you yesterday, got modded. Short version: sales are sales, for which you get roy...
Re: passwords
Are you sure you logged in with the right account? If you are, and they ask if you forgot your pass...
Re: Kindle Website
No, Amazon doesn't give us a website. It's expected that authors will have their own. But perhaps ...
Re: make preview same as updated version of ebook
Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Feb 5, 2016
Did you hit save & publish after you updated the contents to make sure that your changes went into e...
Re: Is it really to pay Bookbub to promote a book?
It's not worth trying BB unless your book has been out for a while and has garnered a wide collectio...


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