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Registered: Mar 4, 2011
Total Posts: 8,535
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Location Wooster, Ohio
Occupation professor
Biography Fantasy writer and professor of medieval history.

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Re: Is the New Book The Eye of Ra a good one
Are you asking for a critique? If so we'll need a link or the ASIN. Or are you asking for us to bu...
Re: Monthly Statement
Yes. They usually pay out within a year or two even if you don't reach the minimum. But it's bette...
Re: For a spelling error correction, do you upload the whole book (.zip file)?
To correct anything in your content/interior, you have to upload the whole file again. It seamlessl...
Re: How do you go about selecting keywords for your novel?
I'd focus on the content rather than the age range in your key words. You want words that people ar...
Re: Reports
Ask the Community » Reports, Sep 25, 2016
The sudden unexplained surge of hits on your blog is probably Russians trying something or other. I...


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