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Registered: Mar 4, 2011
Total Posts: 6,460
Total Questions: 3
Location Wooster, Ohio
Occupation professor
Biography Fantasy writer and professor of medieval history.

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Re: Pen name now being used by someone else
Don't retreat! Since you've got a fan base already, carry on. Once it's established that the novel...
Re: How come createspace doesn't upload cleanly to Kindle?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Aug 3, 2015
Good decision to preview! A lot of people seem to skip that step, with bad results. I think what y...
Re: Do any of you ever get a zero day?
Ask the Community » Reports, Aug 2, 2015
Everybody with just one book has "zero days." Given that selling 2 or 3 copies a day consistently w...
Re: Something Strange with Royalties...
I suspect the tech team is working on things. My dollar amount still shows for July. I thought it a...
Re: How do I know that I have people buying my book?
Read the thread on this forum, "Reports and Sales, Help for the Confused." It will help you. If yo...


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