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Registered: Dec 25, 2014
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Has any had kickstarter success
I have seen many kickstarter success stories in publishing. Has anyone here tried it ?
Re: If it worked in Dickens' time I guess it will work in ours - new KU policy
I have always been on KU Select. It contributed to about 25% of my overall sales. After the new KU p...
Re: Strange PROBLEM - All of a sudden , my images are all gone
From the kdp bookshelf- book details page, the mobi file can be downloaded. When I viewed this mobi...
Strange PROBLEM - All of a sudden , my images are all gone
I have a strange problem, All of a sudden, the images of my book are all gone..In the look inside i ...
Re: Why Is Amazon Allowing Review Fraud When I Have PROOF??
Stephen, This might be more common than you think. Last month I purchased a "how to sell your Ebook...


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Will I see the day , my book sells hundreds
I released a children's book about 2 1/2 months back. In total ot sold 100 copies. In free giveaways...