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Registered: Mar 12, 2011
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Have you tried AMS advertising?
if so, how about filling us in on results. Is it really worth a try or just a waste of time and per...
Re: Am I understanding correctly?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 13, 2017
Are you talking about print books? E-books don't have page numbers. writerbn, Yes, I know that (I ...
Am I understanding correctly?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jul 13, 2017
Some of my earlier books did not have a Table of Contents and some didn't have chapter titles, just ...
It's okay to have an occassional heartwarming story, isn't it?
Here's one for you at J.R.
Re: Have you always been a writer?
I mentioned my blog site and wonder if any of you took a look. I'm asking because I'd like to know...


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Has anyone here tried Goodkindles for marketing/promotion?
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Multiple questions?
HELP!! Forgive me, but I’m also posting this on both the Author/Publisher forum, the Formatting for...
Is this allowed?
Does Amazon have a rule against buying your own books? If not, do those sales count in your ranking...
Looking for story ideas?
Just look around...inspiration can be found just about anywhere at any time. I got lucky and found ...
Has anyone here tried Goodkindles?
In attempting book promotion, I decided to give Goodkindles a try and submitted 8 books at 19.95 api...