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patrick m
Registered: Jan 24, 2015
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Re: Pending Confirmation from Bank
It does really look like it is just an alteration of the original pending that has always been there...
Re: Questions for fellow writes/authors
Friends have asked for reading recommendations and I've suggested my book, but they don't know that ...
Re: offering your precursory work unrecompensed to facilitate a reputation
Public domain is a very different thing to freebie first tastes.
Re: Do you ever find it hard to feel motivated?
Plenty of days, I find it hard to keep going. Not for any reason, just don't wanna do anything. But...
Re: Can someone from the UK please help me
Yes you need those numbers. I have never had a problem accepting the payments from Amazon. Nor have...


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I currently have 22 reviews on my one book. A very wide spread. But here is my question: How do you...