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Registered: Apr 4, 2011
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Re: Do you just write and upload to Amazon or do you spend money marketing?
We don't pay for marketing but we do spend time everyday on marketing. Our first book which is in it...
Re: Amazon is Cheating Writers with New System
Publisher Support » Feedback, Aug 15, 2015
Nobody is forcing you to be in KENP. And I don't believe for one second a writer is basing their bas...
Re: I do not want my books on Goodreads.
We are on here to help authors and to learn and get advice from other authors. We don't suck up to a...
Re: I do not want my books on Goodreads.
Goodreads is a great marketing tool. Take advantage of it! They will even let you do a free giveaway...
Re: new cover question
Thank you so much! The Nardini Sisters


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