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Registered: Apr 15, 2011
Total Posts: 99
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Occupation Freelance Writer

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High numbers of Returned books
Both this month and last month, I had about ten titles downloaded from the site, but the...
Re: Please, opinions about my new cover
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 12, 2014
The images are fine but the font for the title is not great and the book would benefit from a thin (...
Re: Can you use Royalty Free Stock Photos to create Book Covers?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jun 10, 2013
I used Istockphoto for quite a while and you could use their images as long as you sold less than 50...
Re: epub formatting?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jun 4, 2013
That's great. Thanks very much. Jeremy
epub formatting?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jun 3, 2013
I have recently published a book which is half in Turkish,


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