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Wade Black
Registered: Mar 4, 2015
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Location 97 W 57th St New York, NY, 10019
Biography Wade Black is my name and New York is where I live. As for my job, I’m a Chiropractor. Over the last 11 years I have treated patients with hundreds of different conditions, starting with simple back pain all the way to broken bones and Fibromyalgia. The latter is a special interest of mine, since it is also a problem for myself. Or should I say it was a problem for myself. By today I have managed to leave it behind by using some chiropractic techniques and a supplement called Fibroxify ( Other than my work, I don’t really do much. I’m usually at the office every day from 8 am till 7-9 pm and even if I should have a night off, I rather spend it watching a nice movie at home than going out and doing anything else. I know I should change this but I simply love my work and don’t want to do less of it.