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Registered: Apr 18, 2011
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Why am I such a validation whore?
So I'm on the fourth book in my futuristic thriller series. I'm kind of running out of steam because...
Re: Promote Your Book Here!
The first book in my Sky series is on a KDP select sale of .99 through this weekend. Sky1 - Foundat...
Compulsion Reads certification
I read that compulsion reads has closed. I've long thought that some sort of "quality endorsement" p...
Re: Review for reward, anyone pls?
Because I know so well this level of frustration, I'll have a look at your book and message you if I...
Re: Hey, Hey Paul Adams...BookBub results
That is fabulous. Congrats!


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As I finally took the plunge and started reading the Hunger Games series, I noticed some pretty pris...
Does anyone else?
Does anyone else tinker with their blurb(s) endlessly? I can't seem to leave the thing alone becaus...
Review trading - proposition
Hi All, I'm looking for a good honest review trade. Am NOT talking about trying to game the system...