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Registered: Apr 26, 2011
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Re: HTML tags showing in product description... no matter what I do?
Yes, Chris. I published a new title today and have the same issue with the line-break tags appearing...
Re: Are my sales figures right?
"OK, I see now that he did ask that question." Pity you couldn't be bothered to read the OP, durr-h...
Re: So, Mr. Bezos, if you're unaware that your authors are hurting, please read
The number of unique authors complaining in the 'sales updating normally' thread = 82, or thereabout...
Re: Reports Forum
[i]Who cares?[/i] Seems to be a pretty common response from the largest posters in the 'community'. ...
Re: Reports Forum
My point is, I (and presumably everyone else) can only see the Reports forum when signed in to the c...


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