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Emily Bennice
Registered: Mar 21, 2015
Total Posts: 439
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Occupation Writer
Biography I am a new author and I greatly enjoy writing short historically based, romantic, and monster erotica. I hope that others will imagine and enjoy the scenes I've set up for them!

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Re: Coming Back ... what's hot? I seek your advice.
In case anyone cares to see what I came up with, I published a nice lesbian tale, due to advice from...
Re: Is 3,960 words too short for a Kindle short story?
If you publish it and enroll it in kdp, then you can do a "promotion" for your book and it can be fr...
Re: Coming Back ... what's hot? I seek your advice.
I think the spots come and go, so you should be okay, even if you do pick something up. ;)
Re: Coming Back ... what's hot? I seek your advice.
oh, very nice idea. Sounds a bit messy, but I appreciate the humor ;)
Coming Back ... what's hot? I seek your advice.
Truly, no pun intended. I took a few months off, as life became rather hectic, but I miss writing fi...


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