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Registered: May 16, 2011
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Re: Ebook reader devices going the way of dinosaurs?
I agree that people will unlikely just buy an ereader, but I don't think it means they'll quit readi...
Re: Is already a word or not?
People worry about the silliest things. Not thetimucuan. The reviewer. Seriously? This ruined the bo...
Re: Can an Indie Author make six figures -- a month?
Sure! Not me, but the math is all there. Oh, and did I see a rumor on FB where a certain kdp indie ...
Re: A new low for indie publishing.
Good grief. And here I am trying to come up with original content. Sheesh.
Re: My Apologies
I saw a bunch of trad published books offered for $3.95. My sales are mediocre right now too. I do...