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Registered: Jun 10, 2011
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Re: Publishing Same Articles in a Kindle eBook and on a weblog?
Eventually, Amazon will notice that the two are identical, and they will send you (the Kindle author...
Re: Books Returned?
A policy that has no built in safeguards. For example, Amazon could flag a person who has bought an...
Re: Seven (7) Days to Refund?
I'm glad that Amazon has a liberal return policy. Nobody has ever heard of me, and they're a lot mo...
Re: How to get free Kindle books?
Since you used the word "post", I'm guessing that you're in the U.K.. If that's the case, you'll ne...
Re: Rage against the 'big' publishing companies
Pardon my ignorance, but if the text is justified, wouldn't it get all messed up if the reader chang...