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Registered: Jun 16, 2011
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Re: Some short entertainment for the holidays
since you like mysteries please look st my "Jack Thr Ripper versus Sherlock Holme all written in the...
Re: Has Amazon gone barking mad?
No, this ia standard policy.
How to increase interest in your book.
Write the first chapter about a subject of major interest. In Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes...
Re: How to increase interest in your ebook.
Increasing interest helps make a book good.
Re: How to increase interest in your ebook.
Florrie my book Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes is an example of such mingling..


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Jack the Ripper was pretty bad, wasn't he?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jul 6, 2012
Yes he was. It's not just that he murdered women, it's the ghastly ways he mutilated them afterwards...
Do you like Jack The Ripper? If so you are...
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jun 24, 2012
pretty much alone, because this murdering and mutilating butcher of women was not very popular. He w...
Why buy the cow when you can get so much milk free?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Apr 12, 2012
People love Freebies. Here is some simple math. If only 1000 Indies each offer one ebook free every ...
WHY is Sherlock Holmes so popular?
Is it because he is the world's best-known and most popular detective? Is it because the new TV seri...