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Registered: Jun 22, 2011
Total Posts: 98
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Location Diamond Bar, CA
Occupation Writer, Composer
Biography I am a writer and composer who writes books on how to compose and produce music. My most recent book is entitled "How to Write A Song In 30 Minutes or Less," teaching about the theory and the practical applications of writing quick and effective songs.

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Re: Sold 4 copies In Two Days--A First For Me
Thanks for the warning. How do you offer beta reads of the book?
Re: Sold 4 copies In Two Days--A First For Me
I already am but it's okay. I have been doing more networking with music forums to sell more of the ...
Re: Sold 4 copies In Two Days--A First For Me
Thanks for all of the great advice. I noticed also that having more than one book out at a time can ...
Re: Sold 4 copies In Two Days--A First For Me
Well, it turns out that I got up to 10 cipies and then sales stiffed. What next? I don't know but I...
Re: Tips for New Writers
There are some really good tips here that I wouldn't mind implementing for myself. I would also reco...


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