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Registered: Jul 16, 2011
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Re: What broke you through from being an unknown author to having a following?
Set up a mailing list. That made the most difference for me. And do that other stuff, too, especiall...
Re: Any "Long-Time" Indies Here? Bloggers: Have they changed to Agents?
Sounds like this post is more intended to boost those blogs than it is a genuine inquiry.
Re: Didn't realize I got boned pretty hard with Look Inside.
The formatting looks okay to me. The paragraph with ...! and nothing else is hard to figure, but tha...
Re: Table of Contents?
ToCs are required. Put one in your books. Enforcement of this rule is lax, but they do catch the sco...
Feedback requests
So many requests for feedback on newbies' first publications. This isn't a writing workshop -- we're...


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