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Registered: Jul 29, 2011
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Re: Memorial Day VS EFT day
I received all but UK and C yesterday. Thank God. It was a welcome sight. My son's wedding was yeste...
Memorial Day VS EFT day
Anyone have any idea how this weekend will work with the deposits? It's a date of 5/29 which is Sun...
Re: How MANY PAGES did YOUR readers READ so far?
I hit One million Pages read yesterday.
Re: How MANY PAGES did YOUR readers READ so far?
I think KENP is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of and I think whomever came up with the sugges...
Re: Anyone use kdspy, kindle samurai, zon sidekick, or other keyword planner?
I didn't even know there were programs like these. It will be interesting to hear what people say.


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Ok, so I vowed not to go on my computer at all on Monday. Low sales, another bad review, really, we ...
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Was just curious as to the opinons on the board here. So many people keep on telling me to try to ge...
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Word of mouth is always the best way to find out what works and who doesn't and what is worth it. I...