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Registered: Aug 5, 2011
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Location India
Occupation Author
Biography I am an electrical engineer from the University of Bombay. I was born in Kenya to immigrant parents from India, and schooled there under teachers coming from all the races living in East Africa during the British rule. I excelled in industrial market research and conducted face-to-face and telephonic surveys in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for multinational end-users such as Siemens, BASF, Henkel, Dow Chemical, Akzo-Nobel and Linde. My work often took me to remote parts of the country where I could visit nearby archaeological sites too. My e-novel 'Trade winds to Meluhha' was conceived and written after my retirement from business. It took three-and-a-half years. My technical background helped me to understand and apply historical, geographical, environmental and cultural nuances bearing upon the life during the 3rd millennium BC, the period in which the plot is set.

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