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Registered: Aug 14, 2011
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Re: I have to ask, has anyone had a book take over their life?
Yo Christine...... maybe you could kill it there and leave a cliff-hanger for the next book? Lots o...
Re: I have to ask, has anyone had a book take over their life?
Ahhhh Ned, that explains where Ray Bradbury got his idea for his famous book.... Fahrenheit 451. Di...
Re: What are current book editing costs? I'm just curious.
Great information Tracy. It would help if the authors learnt a few proof-reading basics so that when...
Re: One Newbie to Another, just sharing some sales numbers
Yo Christine, your fans are telling you the truth.... they WANT you to keep writing! Your two books ...
Re: Interesting marketing experiment
Ahhhh Ned.... that particular deity is well know as a 'nasty bugger.' James


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