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Registered: Aug 14, 2011
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Re: An excellent way to self-edit your books
The biggest market is the US market so converting your books into US English is a good idea. James
Re: editing done
Yo Liz, Yep..... this sort of uploading mistake can happen. In fact it happened to another top autho...
Re: editing done
Hey Girls, congrats on the success of your book sales, particularly in the UK. A rank of #2000 in pa...
Re: An excellent way to self-edit your books
Eliabeth, the following might be of interest to you (and other readers of this post): At the moment...
Re: What are current book editing costs? I'm just curious.
I've seen it cost $3 or $4 per page for a novel. Hope it helps you ...................................


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An excellent way to self-edit your books
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