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Registered: Aug 14, 2011
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Re: What are current book editing costs? I'm just curious.
No need to blush Joseph...... you're a great writer!! James
Re: My first "organic" fan mail (fr. a reader I don't know) - someone pinch me!
Joseph, should that be "organic" fan or "Orgasmic" fan? Just curious... James ......
Re: Encouraging observations about E-Books
Happy New Year Ned...... James C ..........................
Re: Payment process to countries without EFT? What is the monetary unit?
Joseph, have had a Payoneer card here for some years but never bothered to activate it. Has the Pay...
Re: What are current book editing costs? I'm just curious.
Thank you. Yes, I am aware of Upwork but just a word of warning...... check Google for " ...


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