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Registered: Aug 21, 2011
Total Posts: 753
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Location Squamish, Canada
Occupation veterinarian; writer
Biography Born on the wrong side of the iron curtain, I lived there long enough to treasure the freedom I found in England and later in Canada where I settled. A former conference interpreter and philosophy professor, I now earn my bread as a veterinarian and thank fortune for living at a time when the likes of me are no longer burned as witches.

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It's not a review at all, just a piece of whining about getting the wrong book. Anyone with any sens...
Re: Words and Phrases Used Too Often
dark night - night continue on
Re: Words and Phrases Used Too Often
I just recently used 'me' instead of 'I' in dialog because that's how many people speak. It hurt to...
Re: FBI interference in publishing? Does anyone have ideas if FBI meddles
There's a reason you can't get gunpowder as a minor! Unless you grew up in Europe with an unexplode...
Re: Did anyone else get this massive apology/middle-finger email from NY mag?
My guess is that after the numerous independent complaints of spamming that they got hit with threa...


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