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Registered: Sep 16, 2011
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Centering problem
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jan 1, 2014
I'm previewing my latest work in the KDP Publishing online previewer (uploaded from Word, non-HTML f...
Re: My computer crashed and I lost the book files on my hard drive. What to do?
Unless your hard drive is really fried, the Word files should still be there. First check in the Rec...
Re: Promote your book for Free at Great Reads in the UK
Here are mine! Thanks!
Re: How do I convert a document from "Final Draft"?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 19, 2012
Final Draft is a screenwriting program that has its own propietary font. You can save a Final Draft ...
Re: Half my book is in bold letters - and I don't know why
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 5, 2012
Interesting--and frustrating! This solution has worked for me on several occasions (also with random...


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Free html cleaning tool
Ask the Community » Formatting, May 13, 2012
Anyone have experience with this?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 4, 2011
Does Kindle require a TOC for novels?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 29, 2011
text. Please correct if it's wrong! Thanks!
TOC using Mobipocket Creator
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 26, 2011
I think I have this correct (but maybe not--lol!). I want to try the MC to publish the Kindle book....