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Re: When will I get paid if I published my book on Dec 9?
??? I may be wrong, but it seems that in addition to never having read the FAQ/Help pages (or hear...
Why is this so? You can test the system by buying a copy of the ebook yourself. It'll probably sh...
Re: How much does it cost for me to get a copyright for Vampire
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jan 11, 2018
Titles cannot be copyrighted. Nor can common nouns. (And I didn't pay a penny for my own vampire. ...
Re: where's my money?
They sent it to me. Or perhaps they didn't. You might want to read the FAQ/Help pages to get this m...
Re: KDP Book not available on Australian store?
I didn't get feedback more specific than that, but it was worrying because I've received it from mo...


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