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Registered: Oct 12, 2011
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Re: Forum Negativity
Hitch, when did you become a dude? I know, I've been gone a long while but?
Re: How do you write the sound of a gun going off?
Most got the "point", and found it humorous, with the exception of the "expert". "Sidearm" was/is ...
Re: How do you write the sound of a gun going off?
A shotgun going Pop! Okay! My Daisy Red Rider with the cork "bullet" attached to a string was the l...
Re: How do you write the sound of a gun going off?
You win the prize for being the closest to being right. They are all different for very different re...
Re: Editing is FUN!
Does it? I mean, depend on the genre? Take two western writers of old, Zane Gray (sp?) and Louis L'a...


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