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Registered: Oct 21, 2011
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Re: Why Your Sales Might Be Down
"From what I can tell, it is ranked in the search based not only on my keywords, but also on how man...
Re: Why Your Sales Might Be Down
Shorter book the better then. When they get bored on page 20 they're a 1/4 through the book. My 230 ...
Re: Description HTML
Thanks all. I messed about for a week trying to get KDP and AC description to sync. I still don't re...
Re: Anyone heard of this company?
A lesson for anyone. If you want a product or service, you find them, don't let them find you. Ignor...
Re: Now due to cross Montauk nope do it again go why can 3 just an
And another spammy post. How are these getting through the filter?


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