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Registered: Oct 23, 2011
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Re: Have lots of photos (100+) and I am not planning on a lot of text.
As someone who uses a lot of photos/images (I do children's books), yes, you could have issues with ...
Re: How do you even sell in this saturated market?
I have found that, if your goal is to sell, write what your market wants to read, and in their style...
Re: Novel Pricing
I also suggest checking what other books in your specific genre are selling for. If you do a search ...
Re: Does Amazon have a facility where I send a dollar to charity per sale
Try going to There you can choose a charity that has signed up and Amazon will don...
Re: Thriller cover feedback?
I find it a little disconcerting that the woman's face is so much bigger than the man's. I don't kno...


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Ask the Community » My Account, Jan 8, 2012
It makes no sense that Amazon doesn't include a couple more columns in the monthly sales and give us...