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Registered: Nov 13, 2011
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Re: Overcoming impostor syndrome
Do I have impostor syndrome or am I an actual impostor? Only you can answer your own question.
Re: Embedded Font.
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 27, 2016
Just ignore him, sued2. We all know he makes pointless posts in order to spam his links. And, of cou...
Re: Does unpredictability sell?
Obviously, if you can tell what's going to happen at the end midway through the story, it's not som...
Re: Has anyone heard of or dealt with an organisation called DCP?
When I type in DCP + publishing, I get a publisher that looks like a Vanity press- you pay THEM, no...
Re: Has anyone heard of or dealt with an organisation called DCP?
Never had anything to do with them, but they sound dodgy. http://a...


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