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Registered: Nov 13, 2011
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Re: Just slow, or none at all?
I can't see any Look Inside of any books on AU ot NL.
Re: About that first letter in the chapter
My question is - when the first word of the chapter is a spoken word, I want to leave off that open...
Re: Word count to page numbers.
I have a 12K story which is shown as 40 pages. Which suggests that 6K would be 20 pages. So I'd say ...
Re: How do we remove a 1 star review from someone with a personal vendetta?
I've looked at a one star review on a book with your name on it. The review reads like someone's opi...
Re: Is anyone recording sales or pages read for Canada?
most of my novels are based in Canada Mine are set in various parts of the world, but the ones set ...


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Some changes occurred today. When logged in, any books I go to on Amazon UK say price not available ...
Formatting problem
I uploaded a perfectly formatted WORD doc. However, when I looked at the preview sample, it had faul...
How can I add tags to my own book without buying my own book?
taboo words
We know you can't say ch aracter and escape the dreaded error message. Today I discovered b oo b ain...