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Registered: Nov 25, 2011
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Re: Theft of books
I'm surprised Amazon doesn't send them warnings: they are taking money from publishers as well as au...
Re: Draft2Digital vs Smashwords
In the 2-3 years I've been on SW, I've sold about six books via SW but had an enormous number of sam...
Re: Theft of books
It's infuriating, if indeed they have the books. Liliplay has a poor reputation I discovered when I ...
Re: Draft2Digital vs Smashwords
What ratio of sales to views do you get on SW?
Re: email from Japan
I should have tried Google translate first, of course. The message told me that an attempt had been ...


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email from Japan
It's clearly something to do with Amazon (which is the only English word on the page) and has an att...
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Has anyone adopted a policy of reducing the prices of older books, for which sales have fallen off, ...
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Following suggestions here that Amazon have changed search algorithms to favour KDP Select, how are ...
Can those authors who have set novels in more than one location, tell me how the locations rate sale...
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