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Registered: Nov 25, 2011
Total Posts: 2,853
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Location Illinois
Occupation Self Employed

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Re: Jutoh fixed layout
Ask the Community » Formatting, Apr 1, 2013
Nice catch! I'll mention it to Julian.
Re: Jutoh fixed layout
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 31, 2013
Yeah, I know about the img tag thing being necessary for Fire mode to work right though. In Jutoh, ...
Re: Take your shot. You know you want to.
I'm not saying you did. I'm just saying that, that was my first thought.
Attention Man2010
Ask the Community » Formatting, Mar 30, 2013
I just haven't found the time lately to mess around with the fixed layout abilities of Jutoh 2 yet, ...
Re: Take your shot. You know you want to.
Sighs... dik sbif....I have to hand it to you....but come on, I know that "technically" you have in...


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