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Registered: Nov 28, 2011
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Re: Amazon Investigating Authors For Fake Reviews
That's good news; it's about time. I do hope, however, that they don't throw the baby out with the...
Re: help me about my books are not selling
Good grief, being reported for using "INDIE?" You would think that since the 90's, the term "INDIE...
Re: Stolen Books. Let's get together and do something
If someone steals my book, I consider it free advertisement. Helena, keep writing. Honest people ...
Re: No questions?
You better keep them on KU if you're going to charge that much. I mean really, 99 dollars? Edit: ...
Re: Is it Crass to Write # 1 Bestseller in a Description?
I will answer from a reader's point of view. Any time I see a commercial for a horror movie or the ...


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