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Registered: Nov 28, 2011
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Re: My book hasn't been reviewed
You'll find that reviewers are few and not many readers review books. If its a free book, forget the...
Re: I need a Review for "Island of Yoi"
I read your look inside and liked it, your price is good. And your cover looks good, I don't know ab...
Re: How to get reviews
Sorry my real post is with the moderators.
Re: How to get reviews
@ Laura When you make a book free all the people download it, some will review it but not many, some...
Re: The frustration of posting on this forum.
Ahhh, come on scribblr, Lets start a good fight. The moderators love it and then others can get thei...


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Date on reviews are the
The date on the review is that the date the review was made or the date the book was purchased?
Another question.
The Question is, is this enough to describe the farm, occupation , time of year and age of Jake. I’v...
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